The Farm's History


The 160 acre farm was homesteaded in 1897 by Lewis G. and Mary E. Young.  The log granary located on the farm was built when Lewis G. Young lived on the farm prior to 1904. 


In 1904 John and Jennie Bos purchased the farm when the Manhattan Malting Company and the West Gallatin Irrigation Company encouraged and sponsored the Dutch to come to Montana.  In 1945 son Peter and Jane Bos purchased the farm, which was then sold to daughter Rose (Bos) and John Brouwer in 1982. 


Around 1908 John Bos built the barn, blacksmith shop, chicken coop, brooder coop, and hog house along with a cook house, which was moved to another Bos farm.  All of the remaining buildings that John Bos built circa 1908 are still in use today for livestock or other farm use.  Throughout the years livestock on the farm included hogs, sheep, beef and dairy cattle, horses, and chickens.  Crops that have been grown on the farm are alfalfa, grain, and peas.